What does it mean to connect with the righteous after death, and how does it affect your life? The answer is by exercising their spiritual power in an influential way that affects reality, here and now.

What does it mean to connect with the righteous after death, and how does it affect your life? The answer is by exercising their spiritual power in an influential way that affects reality, here and now.

The trips are suitable for women

  • who want to get out of their standard routine and get to know a new world of true, spiritually-rooted and connected holiness
  • who want to get revigorated strength for their daily life
  • who want to get fresh and real answers on relationships, love, family, children, self-fulfillment, health issues, and more…

Shmuel, the prophet – connect with the fire of holiness

Samson, the great – connect to spiritual heroism – feel the strength of EMES (truth)

Rabbi Meir Baal Hanes – summon miracles to alter life

Hannah and her Seven Sons – connect to real sacrifice and dedication to the truth

Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai – connect to the awesome power of Torah and its secrets

Yeeshai – father of King David and Ruth – mother of Kings – connect to the power of Moshiach and the royal dynasty he stems from

Uman – Rabbi Nachman of Breslov – connect with the healing of your soul

Lizhensk – Rabbi Elimelech of Lizhensk – an essay on heroism and a yearn to know the truth

Lublin – the “Seeing One” from Lublin – bring miracles to life

Mezhibush – the Holy Baal Shem Tov – connect to unconditional love for all

Poland – Sarah Schneirer – connect with the strength of women and how to go against the flow

Shaina S.

Taking Devorah’s breakthrough course has been one of the best decisions of my life. I am more confident and at peace with myself than ever before. It’s hard to believe that just a few weeks ago, I felt an overwhelming sense of pressure and confusion in my life. Now, with the tools I’ve gathered through Breakthrough, I feel more connected to my spirituality, my purpose in life, and most importantly to Hashem. Devorah has offered practical techniques to incoporate into my daily life and within a very short time-frame these valuable shifts in thought and behavior have brought about significant improvements in my life. Thank you Devorah!

Shulie C.

Devorah, thank you for your class. You are so inspirational, honest, and transparent which is what makes you special. You aren’t afraid to be real and say it like it is. The work you are doing is truly needed and you are perfect for it. If we had more people like you I know our world would be a better place.


I just watched your short clip and I wanted to thank you for giving practical ideas about tapping into this time period and really having the right mindset, it’s truly uplifting! Thank you again for spreading your Torah!

Amanda J.

I am so inspired and really want to share all of the Torah I have learned from you to the other girls on my campus. I am the only tznius girl on my college campus and am really wanting other girls to bring Hashem and Torah into their lives and inspire them to see themselves as souls. Thank you again!

Patricia K.

I cannot adequately describe what a life changer this course [BREAKTHROUGH] is, it’s unbelievable how your whole outlook does a 360 (for the better) when you put into play and practice Devorah’s teachings! Life is lighter, a weight has been lifted from my shoulders, it’s the most amazing feeling. I thank Gd everyday for having me come across this gem of a course. Thank you Devorah!

Leah S.

So, I consider myself a Devorah ‘groupie’ or the Torah equivalent, I got so inspired by her videos and decided that I was making her my “Rebbe”. At that point a lot of things in my life were on hold – dating, parnassah, and I decided to take three months to seriously focus on this work, with a daily program of watching Devorah’s videos, listening to motivational songs, doing all the exercises… I had a notebook where I would write down all the quotes and learning that I would do during the day, just total immersion. I took an Emunah Teleconference and kept going with the work, though to be honest, I haven’t been as focused lately, because one month in to my program I met the most amazing guy I would never have thought I would be lucky enough to be with, have been able to step into a whole new amazing life I would not have been able to imagine if I tried… and now we’re getting married next month 🙂 I know that I now have skills to lift me up past fear and doubt and floundering, and if I ever do get off track, all I have to do is go back to the exercises and techniques and keep moving forward. I’m so beyond grateful for this transformative knowledge and training that literally changed my entire life. next stop: business! lol 🙂

“The righteous in their death are called “alive””

- Midrash, Parashat Amor

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