Life Changing Events 
Here is a chance to connect, feel and receive infinite spiritual power by taking part in “get together” events that touch the soul and exhilarate the mind. To name a few…

Avnei Chein Pre Shavuos Event
Avnei Chein is an organization dedicated to helping families suffering from  mental health crisis. This evening full of inspiration and cheesecakes but mainly a coming together to share the load of our local community members that are dealing with a lot on their “plate”. What better way to show Hashem that we are כאיש אחד בלב אחד united in heart and soul which is the ultimate vessel for the receiving of the Torah.
5 Jun
Tomer Devorah Chabura with Devorah Sisso
13-15 Part Course based on the Holy work of the Ramak Sefer Tomer Devorah, Live class in Ramat Bet Shemesh, Israel and Zoom
4 Jun
Breakthrough Coming Live to JTLV
Breakthrough 6 part course on the power of the mind. and Law of Attraction based on Torah Kabbala. 1 May – 29 May every Wednesday Evening!
1 May

Journeys to the Graves of the Righteous

Biblical scriptures explain in depth how death is just a step into a more wonderous and divine world, where one can enjoy the warmth of holiness. Those who were most holy in this world have a more direct line to GOD and HIS celestial kingdom.


One of the three most important commandments for a woman is to take off a piece of home baked Challah and burn it.


What a fun girl’s night out! What a way to bring miracles to those in need!
Making a blessing on the foods we eat has powers way above our comprehension.

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