The power of your influence on the Jewish world, begins here.

There are great things happening in the Jewish world. There are people who make it happen. ..there are people who watch it happen….and there are people who say, “What Happened?” The final redemption is almost here. It is within our reach and just around the corner. Every Jewish soul brought back to Judaism…every internal spark rekindled…every spirit realigned brings Moshiach a step closer. If you would like to be a part of that effort by financially supporting the work we do…please click the “DONATE” button and be a part of the miracle about to happen.

By donating to Devorah’s activities you will be making it possible for Jewish men and women worldwide who otherwise cannot afford to improve their day to day lives and spiritual development through intensive Torah Learning, One on One life coaching sessions and physical/spiritual development workshops.

In addition Devorah has a fund set up that helps struggling single parents and their children to receive extra help in whatever area of their lives they are suffering the most..

*Sending their child to Seminary/Yeshiva for their gap year
*Camp tuition
*Chuggim – Extracurricular activities
*Extra tutoring
*Difficult medical situations
By contributing to struggling families – parents and children – you will be blessed with extra bracha and siyata dishmaya in your life as well as the lives of your parents and children!

“Giving to others is the greatest gift
you can give to yourself”

- Darren Hardy

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the light of Hashem in the world?

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